Rich Chandler's Mavica Pictures Page(s)

It's really hard to set up a camera to take a picture of itself. The flash would blow out the image in the mirror. This here is to show off the mini-tripod borrowed from a toy Tyco video camera.

I've decided to subdivide my pages, and I realized it was foolish to show any of the full-size pictures my camera is capable of. 1280x960 is more than enough resolution for excellent color printouts. Higher Megapixel values are really just a waste of space. Although I suppose those with higher resolution cameras can throw away all those extra pixels by cropping the images to make up for their pitiful lack of zoom power.

There are two things you should get as accessories for any digital camera. The first is a UV lens filter. This protects the lens of your camera from accidental scratches. Some know-it-alls whine about extra layers of glass in front of the lens, but clear is clear, and filters are optically flat. Any possible distortion is well worth the difference between a $10 filter and a lens that costs ten to twenty times as much, and will take your camera offline for ages to get fixed.

The second thing you need is a screen protector. A new LCD screen is nearly as expensive as a lens, and frankly, they way they're inset, they're tricky to clean. But for less than the cost of a filter, a small scrap of Acrylic will make your camera's second most important part invulnerable to fingerprints, spills, and shirt buttons/zippers.

Here's mine. It's held on with three pieces of Scotch double-sided tape, split lengthwise. I left the bottom edge untaped to make it easier to pry off if necessary, and let me tell you, it's not easy. There are folks who sell a commercial version for $6, and they use velcro. I think the thin tape is a lot less obtrusive.

Picture Categories

Cats - Name one camera owner who doesn't take pictures of his cat?

Camera Bag - Spend $800 on a camera and accessories and see if you don't go to extraordiary means to protect it?

Binding - This is how I put my 'zine together.

Workshop - My basement "Workshop of Wonders" as in, I wonder when he's finally going to put up all that drywall that's sitting in the Garage.

Router Table - I went a little wild taking construction pictures of my router table. But if you're REALLY into it, this is the page one step up.

Misc - This one's a gimmie.

More to come.