Team Mauser Combat Robotics

Team Mauser consists at this point of one member. Me, Richard Chandler, and two robots, my SuperHeavyWeight Strike Terror and my AntWeight, Strike Too. Plans are being made to rebuild and enhance Strike Terror based on my experience at BattleBots. Plans are also being toyed with to make a lightweight version of the Bot.

Strike Terror

Strike Terror is a Superheavyweight class BattleBot. In fighting trim for Season 4.0, it weighed in at 308.5 pounds.

The concept was to take a vertical spinner and make two improvements. First, to maximize the moment of inertia of the wheel, and second, to relieve the stresses of gyroscopic precession that prevent most vertical spinners from bringing their powerful weapons to bear. I like to call it a "Second Generation Vertical Spinner". The wheel is mounted on a fork in the horizontal axis, which allows the wheel to turn sideways against the precessive forces when the robot is maneuvered. A combination of the weight of the motors and a spring attached to an arm on the fork help return the wheel to vertical when rotation is stopped. I may soon have some video of the Bot in the testing box, and I have to say, between the industrial fan-like sound the weapon makes and the way it seems to move with a life of its own, it is VERY cool to see in operation, and many builders took the time to tell me so.

In order to maximize the moment of inertia, a lesson I learned in the Strike Anywhere weapon experiment, the wheel is composed of two side panels made from 1/8" thick steel, while the teeth are made from blocks of 3/4 x 3-1/2 x 11" steel. In a 60 lb wheel, 35 lbs are in the teeth.

Strike Anywhere

Reports 0-4

Reports 5-7


Strike Terror- Season 4


Progress Report 1
Getting parts together

Progress Report 2
Building the Chassis

Progress Report 3
Installing the Drivetrain

Progress Report 4

Progress Report 5

Progress Report 6

Season 4 Event Pictures

Post Event Analysis



Strike Terror - Season 5


Up from the Ashes

Motor Mounts and Pods

Column and Drivetrain

Fork and Wheel

Skirts and Guards

Strike Too

I built an AntWeight called Strike Too for the first Act of WAR (Western Allied Robotics). It was originally intended to be a wedge/lifter, but it ended up working pretty well as a ClampBot too. Except it's too slow, being servo drive. It needs some repair before it competes again, a shame because it's missed two more opportunities to fight. for RoboMaxx, I revised it by Doubling the tire size to double the speed (Still too slow) and adding an interior platform with a finger that sticks through the bottom to lift the nose when it clamps. You can see the battle damage from Ratastrophe's nibbler in the side of the tires, and the WAR ant arena killsaw. I call the large tires my "Big Daddy Ed Roth" wheels. For some of the later fights, I added straws to the center of the large wheels to keep me from standing on the sides (lost one fight that way).