Mauser's Home Page

"What are you looking at?"

Above is a picture of me from when I lived in Virginia, back in 1992, back when I had hair. This is a far more current photo.

Yeah, Everybody's got some lame-o home page where they display whatever meaningless crap they can come up with in an attempt to justify their meaningless lives.

I've got no such pretensions. I know there are only a few things that I've done that have any tenuous connection to true meaning, so I'm going to put them up here and not bore you with things like entire pages dedicated to my favorite soft drink (Coke, if you care) or my favorite TV show.

And even worse, I WILL NOT put up lists of my CD Collection or books I own, or comics. It's STUPID. And nothing pisses me off more than doing a search on a Band name and getting 1500 sites that each turn out to be some pathetic, no-life twit listing which CDs are on the shelf by his stereo and which are in his car.

Okay, maybe not "nothing pisses me off more". But when it comes to life's little annoyances, Useless CD lists are up there. I mean THINK! What possible use could anyone else have for that information. "Well you can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to." Yeah right. You listen to pop crap most of the time. Hearing it 15 times a day on the radio wasn't enough for you. You're a sheep who thinks he's a "rebel" because he listens to music the Marketing execs have convinced you is rebellious. <snort> If you wanna learn something about me, find out what I THINK, not what I buy. Learn about what I PRODUCE, not what I consume. Learn about what I LOVE, not what I've been sold.


New toy! I got a Mavica MVC-FD88 Digital camera! Time to blow some of my 20 Megs of Web space on some pictures of my Cats and stuff. It includes sections on my various crafts, cats, and workshop. Sony Digital Cameras Rock. Customer service though, leaves something to be desired, and the privacy policy on their site sucks donkey choad, so there's no link there from here. (Added 10/19/99, modified often)


Crafts: Personally, I have a passion for acquiring new skills. Rarely do I have time or money to do much with them, but I like to know that if I think of something, I can do it. I know Woodworking, Leatherworking, Welding. I've played with electronic circuits in the past. I'm able to do some remodelling work. (Actually, suddenly I find myself with time AND money, and so now the trick it to find one thing to do and DO it.)

Here are pictures of things I built in my workshop.

I built a BattleBot!

Motorcycling: I have a 1978 Honda CB550K that I don't get to ride often enough. One of my best rides was a week long tour in 1992, from Virginia to Toronto, returning via Michigan and Ohio. 1405 miles. Two days after I got back, RGB Technology fired me. (That way they didn't have to cash out my vacation time, I guess).

Flying: While I was working for Claris, I took lessons at Evergreen Field in Vancouver, WA. It's really something. It's been a while since I was last in the air. I need to renew my medical certificate and take a flight review before I can do it some more.