Volt Regulator IC's Box Inventory

L7815CV SGS +15V/1A TO-220 50 LM120-15 NS -15V REG TO-3 9 LM140AK-15 NS +15V TO-3 11 LM150AH-15 NS +15V/0.1A TO-5 10 LM317K STEEL NS +VR ADJ. 1.2-57V TO-3 18 LM317LZ NS VR ADJ.<37V/0.1A TO-92 150 LM340-12 NS +12V+/-0.5V 1A TO-220 24 MC7812CT MOTO +12V/1A TO-220 47 MC7812CT MOTO +12V/1A TO-220 45 MC78M05CT MOTO +5V/0.5A TO-220 44 MC7905CT MOTO -5V/1A TO-220 50 MC7905CT MOTO -5V/1A TO-220 38 MC7912CT MOTO -12V/1A TO-220 25 UA7805UC FS +5V/1A TO-220 37 UA78C12UIC FS +12V/0.5A TO-202 7 UA78C15UIC FS +15V/0.5A TO-202 ~75 UA78MGT3C FS 4-TERM+TABS +VR 4-TERM ~80 ------------------------------------------------------- A sampling of my IC inventory...ask me for the parts you seek. e-mail: ron.black@kendra.cc Snohomish, WA. Rev. 10/2009

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