Semiconductors, Mfr P/N: SF thru T

I've been collecting semiconductors as a hobby for many years. Maybe you can
spot an item you need to complete a kit or to do a repair? Contact me & we'll
set a mutually fair price. Tell me what you're looking for & I'll try to help.

Ron Black
Snohomish, WA 98290

Part No. Description Specifications/Mfr/Package Place Qty.
SF58020 P-Ch FET R-on~6 Ohm Natl TO-92 Cab#7 ~100
SG120-5.2 V Reg -5.2V/3A? VR IC Sil Genl TO-3 Cab#10 1
SG120K-15 V Reg -15V/1.5A? VR IC Sil Genl TO-3 Cab#10 1
SG741Y IC Lin Op Amp Sil Gen 8-P C-Dip Cab#10 ~70
SG7805K IC-Pos VR Volt Reg Sil Genl TO-3 Cab#6 3 
SG7805K V Reg +5V 1.5A? Sil Gen? TO-3 Cab#10 3 
SG7805K V Reg +5V 1.5A? Sil Gen? TO-3 Cab#10 3
SH1705 IC-Bridge FW Bridge/5V Reg IC 5V/5A TO-3? Cab#6 2 
SH61496 IC Lin Op Amp (LH0042CH) Nat'l 8-P TO-5? Cab#10  sold
SJ1366 NPN ÷130V ÷33B@5A ÷1.4V@9A Motorola TO-3 Cab#12 12
SJ7386 NPN ÷700V 1.1V/3A Motorola TO-3 Cab#12 13
SJ7386 NPN Xistor ~700V ?A Moto TO-3 Cabn#9 ~1000
SK3112 N-Ch FET 50V 1.5mA Pre Ampl RCA TO-92 Cab#7 sold
SK3116 N-Ch FET 18V 6-14mA RF FM Ampl 4-P TO-18 =TO-72 Cab#7 5
SK3189A PNP Xistor 100V/15A RCA 5MHz TO-220 Cab#6 sold
SL00118 IC-Pos VR Volt Reg Natl +5V/1A TO-3 Cab#6 29 
SMF3654 NPN Dual ? Solitron 6-P TO-18 Cab#14 2
SMT1205 NPN Xistor MicroWave Xistor(yel) 3-radial leads Cab#8 ~1800
Sockets TO-3 Sockets for TO-3 Cab#13 8
Sockets TO-3 Sockets Sockets for TO-3 Pwr Xistors Cab#13 7
SPA-25 Bridge Rect 100V/25A Unitrode 1.125" Sq Ht Sk Pkg Cab#15 8
SRF215 NPN Xistor RF Xistor Moto 4-P TO-18 Cab#8 sold
SS7880 PNP Xistor ? Dual Pwr Ampl 6P TO-18 Cab#3 ~45
SSL-34 LED, IR GE Focus Lens 2-P TO-18 Cab#11 9
STC7428 NPN Xistor >150V Wstghse Stud Cab#14 7
SU732 P-Ch FET 30V 0.9-4.5mA 1-4VoffSilSim:2N2608TO-18 Cab#7 ~600
T2500D Triac 400V/6A Igtò60mA Moto TO-220 Cab#15 21
T4126 Triac 400V 15A @75øC RCA Isol Stud Pkg Cab#12 14
T6420M Triac 600V 40A RCA Insul STUD Cab#7  sold
TD401 Dual PNP 40V B>120@0.1mA dV<10mV <30uV/degC Spr Cab#4  sold
Thermistor Thermistor 250ê@200øF 4.7Kê@RT on Flat Plate Cab#12 ~18
TIL-31 LED, IR TI IR Emitter? Cab#11 12
TIL117 Opto-Isol G-T 1549 See 4N46? 6-P Dip Cab#11 10
TIL149 ProxDetect End of Tape Sensor IR Diode+PhotoXistr Cab#11 sold 04/12/09
TIP120 NPN 60V/3A Darlgtn 1K B@3A Fairch TO-220 Cab#13 11
TIP125 PNP Xistor 60V/5A Darlngtn 1K B@3A 50mJ TI TO-220 Cab#6 ~75
TIP32A PNP Xistor 60V/3A 40W Fairch TO-220 Cab#6 ~50
TIP41A NPN 60V/6A Fairch TO-220 Cab#13 1
TIS73 N-Ch FET 30V 4-10Vp <25 Ohm TI TO-92 } Cab#7  sold
TIS75 N-Ch FET 30V 0.8-4Vp 8-80mA 160 Ohm TI TO-92 } Cab#7  59
TIS907 NPN Xistor 40V/0.1mA B~250/700 200MHzLoNoiseTO-92 Cab#5 ~75
TL062CP IC Lin Dual LoPwr Op Amp TI 8-P Dip Cab#10 ~30
TL071CP IC-Lin Op Amp TI J-FET Input 8-P DIP Cab#9  13
TL072CP IC-Lin Dual Op Amp TI J-FET Input 8-P DIP Cab#9 ~450
TN2905 PNP Xistor 40V Natl (Ht Sink Added) TO-92+ Cab#3 ~500
TN60 NPN Xistor 30V 0.5A 0.4Vs@0.15A 100MHzSpragueTO-18 Cab#8 10
TP4258 PNP Xistor 12V/.01A 700MHz 20nS=Toff EBC TO-92 Cab#4 ~120
TPQ2222 NPN Quad IC = 2N2222 Quad Sprague 14-P DIP Cab#9 24
TVCM25 IC Lin Dual Audio Amp? Sprague 14-P Dip Cab#10 8
Rev. Date: 08/14/09

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