Semiconductors, Mfr P/N: N thru SE

I've been collecting semiconductors as a hobby for many years. Maybe you can spot an item you need to complete a kit or to do a repair? Contact me & we'll set a mutually fair price. Tell me what you're looking for & I'll try to help. Ron Black Snohomish, WA 98290 e-mail Part No. Description Specifications/Mfr/Package Place Qty. NE5532N IC-Lin Dual Op Amp LoNoise 10MHz GBW 8-P DIP Cab#9 ~100 NS3000 Dual-Emit Chopper NSC TO-72 Cab#14 1 NS7021 NPN Dual Sim 2N2916 NSC Flat Plstc Pkg Cab#14 1 NSC PNP Xistor Chopper Nat'l TO-46 Cab#14 14 NSP5190 NPN Xistor 40V B>10@4A 25/100@1.5A Natl TO-220 Cab#5 7 OC1601-G-T Opto-Isol See 4N46? Also OC1602 G-T? 6-P Dip Cab#11 ~100  OPB706B ProxSensor TRW Optron Reflective 20mA If->Ic÷0.7mA Cab#11  sold PBA1139 NPN Xistor Moto Short TO-18 TO-52 Cab#14 6 PCM52JG-V DAC 16-Bit +/-5Vout Burr Brown 24P DIP Cab#9 55 PI086E P-Ch FET 30V Vp<10VB Natl TO-92 Cab#7 5 PianoDip DipSwitch SPST 6-station Piano Grayhill 12P Dip Cab#13 2 PL5C1 Opto-Isol GE Lamp->PhotoRes 5V/.057A->200ê 4P Met Cab#11 ~29 PN3251A PNP Xistor 60V 100/300@.01A 300MHz TO-92 Cab#4 ~400 PN3638 PNP Xistor 25V B>20@0.3A >100MHz Natl TO-92 Cab#3 ~400 PN3638 PNP Xistor 25V/0.3A 100MHz Natl B>30@50mA TO-92 Cab#4 150 PN4248 PNP Xistor ? TO-92 Cab#3 ~73
PN4249    PNP Xistor     B=100/300@0.1mA Lo Lev Ampl NS  TO-92   Cab#3   ~300
PN4250A PNP Xistor 40V 250/700@0.1mA Lo Lev Amp TO-92 Cab#3 ~300 PN4250A PNP Xistor 40V 250/700@0.1mA FairchLoLevAmpTO-92 Cab#3 ~400 PN4302 N-Ch FET 30V 0.5-5mA -4Voff<1nA@10V Ampl TO-92 Cab#7 ~40   PN5140 PNP Xistor 5V B=20/40@10mA 400MHz TO-92 Cab#4 ~50 PN5910 PNP Xistor 20V 700MHz TO-92 Cab#3 ~200 PS1009 NPN Xistor 400V/60A 10MHzHiRel PT4503 PTech TO-114 CBboxB ~15 PSR PhotoRes Photo Sensitive Res 200ê=Brt .5"Dx.25"H Cab#11 22 PT4503 NPN Xistor 400V/60A 10MHz350W>10á@10A PTech TO-114 CBboxB ~15 Q2965 Opto-Isol Monsanto u=25/100%@10mA 6-P Dip Cab#11 ~40 QDSP-2274 LED Display HP 4-Char Alpha-Num5x7 LED÷HDSP2300?12P Cab#12 16 RCA1A10 NPN Xistor 175V 15MHz Audio Amp TO-5+HtSk Cab#9 2 ROSAC NPN >100Vcb ÷0.4V@5A STC TO-3 Cab#12 13 RT121 PNP Xistor 32V/0.1A Sprague AM OutAmp ClampTO-92 Cab#3 2 S2F Diode 200V 1A Fast 100nS Semtech Axial Cab#9 60 S42022A N-Ch FET R-on~180 Ohm Solitron? 4-P TO-18 Cab#7w ~28 S5815 PNP Xistor 40V/0.5A 100MHz GE like 2N5815 TO-92 Cab#3 ~250 SC147DX125 Thyristor 400V/10A rms GE bidir isol tab TO-220 Cab#4 5 SC35D SCR 400V/25A GE STUD Cab#4 2 SC45D2 SCR 400V 35A GE like C228D2? Insul STUD Cab#7 3 SC51BX14 SCR ? 200V/25A GE Pressfit Cab#4 9 SCBA-2F Bridge Rect 200V/25A Fast Semtech Cab#1 10 SCBA-4F Bridge Rect 400V/25A Fast Semtech Cab#1 3 SCBA4F Bridge Rect Semtech Sq Ht Sk Pkg Cab#15 3 SCDA4 Rect, Dual Semtech Series Diodes in-line Ht Sk Pkg Cab#15 1 SCDA4 Rect Semtech Ht Sink Pkg Cab#14 1 SCNA1 Rect, Dual 100V/15A Semtech Comm Anode Ht Sk Pkg Cab#15 19 SCPA4 Rect, Dual 400V/15A Comm Cath Semtech in-line HtSk Cab#15 1 SCR917-7 SCR Moto PressFit Pkg Cab#15 4 SD3421-2 Opto-Detect Detector Diode ~5mA@Sunshine TO-18 Cab#9  ~75 SDT1061 NPN Xistor Solitron? TO-3 Cab#14 1  SE9020 Fairch TO-3 Cab#14 1 SE9301 NPN 80V Darlington Fairch TO-220 Cab#13 2 SE9302 NPN 100V/10A Darlgtn 500B@10A Moto TO-220 Cab#13 6 SE9402 PNP Xistor 100V/10A 70W Darlngtn Fairch TO-220 Cab#6 ~250  _____________________________________________________________________________ Rev. Date: 11/26/07

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