Semiconductors, Mfr P/N: M thru MZ

I've been collecting semiconductors as a hobby for many years. Maybe you can spot an item you need to complete a kit or to do a repair? Contact me & we'll set a mutually fair price. Tell me what you're looking for & I'll try to help. Ron Black Snohomish, WA 98290 e-mail Part No. Description Specifications/Mfr/Package Place Qty. M157350 Rect 400V/12A Moto MR1124R Stud Cab#15 8 M195-0103 NPN Xistor ? Moto TO-92 Cab#5 18 M195-0105 NPN Xistor ? Moto TO-92 Cab#5 7 M2124LD34 N-Ch FET 25V 180 Ohm@5Vg 1.6Vth Moto 4-P TO-18 Cab#7 ~25 MBR3020 Rect, Schottky 20V/30A STUD Cab#9 5 MC1437P IC Lin Dual 709 Op Amp 14-P Dip Cab#10  sold MC1440G IC Lin Sense Ampl ñ17mV Motorola 10-P TO-5 Cab#10 ~25 MC1458CPI IC-Lin Dual Op Amp Moto 8-P DIP Cab#8   sold  MC1510G IC Lin Video Ampl Motorola 8-P TO-5 Cab#10 3 MC1520G IC-Lin Ampl+/-6V Diff in/Diff out 1MHz10P TO-5 Cab#8 4 MC1561BRCS IC-Pos VR Adjustable 2.5-37V/0.5A Moto 9-p TO-66 Cab#6  sold MC1569BIBS IC-Pos VR Adjust 2.5-37V/0.25A Moto 10-pin TO-5 Cab#6 14 MC1747BCBS IC Lin Dual Op Amp Moto 14-C Dip Cab#10 ~50 MC3346P IC-Lin 5-Xistor Array Moto 14-P DIP Cab#9 13 MC3401P IC Lin Quad Norton Op Amp Moto 14-P Dip Cab#10 ~25 MC3403N IC Lin Quad Op Amp Moto 14-P Dip Cab#10 2 MC3456P IC-Timer Dual 555 Timer IC Moto 14-P DIP Cab#9 ~50 MC358AG IC Lin Dual Op Amp, LoPwr -Rail CMR SLO Cab#10 5 MC7805CT V Reg +5V/1A Moto TO-220 Cab#10  3 MC7806CT V Reg 6V 1A Volt Reg IC Motorola TO-220 Cab#10 8 MC7812CT V Reg 12V/1A Volt Reg IC Motorola TO-220 Cab#10 85 MC7815CK V Reg +15V 1.5A ? Motorola IC TO-3 Cab#10 2 MC78L12ACG V Reg 12V 0.1A Moto TO-5 Cab#10 1 MC7906CK V Reg -6V/3A? VR IC Moto TO-3 Cab#10 3 MC7912CK IC-Neg VR -12V/3A? Moto Volt Reg TO-3 Cab#6 7 MCBJ35 NPN 65V/1A 30/150B@0.1A/1V Nat'l SmFltPwr Cab#13 20 MCR649AP-1 SCR 25V 25A Moto TO-3 Cab#7 7 MCR69-3 Rect? Moto TO-220 Cab#9 ~22 MCT2E IC-Opto Opto-Isolator Coupler IC Moto 6-P DIP Cab#9  unk MCT5-25 Opto-Isol Monsanto 25KV CTR÷.05@30mA Cab#11 5  MCT9 Opto-Isol Monsanto NPN Xistor Out Cab#11 ~42 MD2904 ? ? Moto 6p TO-5 Cab#14 ~27 MD985 NPN/PNP Dual ComplementaryPair 30V Moto 6P TO-5 Cab#14 2 MDA920A-5 Bridge Rect 300V/1A Moto Sm Plstc Pkg Cab#15 5 MDA942-5 Bridge Rect Moto Sm Plstc Pkg Cab#15 1 MDA970-1 Bridge Rect Moto Lg Plstc Pkg Cab#15 2 ME7023 LED, IR Monsanto IR Emitter Cab#11 4 ME7122 LED, IR Monsanto Cab#11 2 ME7123 LED, IR Monsanto Cab#11 15 ME7140 LED, IR Monsanto IR Emitter 6mW@.1A 1.4V Tab=An Cab#11 ~35  MFE3003 P-Ch FET Moto 4-P TO-18 Cab#7 1  MJ3771 NPN 40V 15/60B@15A <1V@15A 2MHz Moto TO-3 Cab#13 7 MJ4031 PNP Xistor 80V/10A 1k B@10A, 3V Darlgtn TO-3 Cab#6 ~14 MJ421 NPN 350V <5V@.03A 25/350B@.03A Moto TO-5 Cab#13 1
MJ423 NPN 400V 1A Motorola TO-3 Cab#13 7
MJ802 NPN 100V 25B@7.5A 2MHz Moto TO-3 Cab#13 4
MJ900 PNP Xistor 60V/8A Darlington TO-3 Cab#3 1
MJE2021 NPN 60V/6A ÷TIP41A 3MHz Moto BigFltPlstcPwr Cab#13 2
MJE253 NPN Xistor Moto Sm Plstc Ht Sk Cab#9 23
MJE29 NPN 30V1A like TIP29 Motorola TO-126 Cab#13 ~100
MJE3055K NPN 60V 20/70B@4A 2MHz 40W Moto Big Flt Pkg Cab#13 9
MJE340 NPN Xistor 300V 0.1A 30/240@50mA Sm Plstc Ht Sk Cab#8 1
MJE340 NPN Xistor 300V/0.1A Moto Sm Plstc Pwr Cab#2 2
MJE344 NPN Xistor 200V/0.5A Moto Sm Plstc Pwr Cab#2 ~100
MJE370 PNP Xistor 30V/3A 25W B>5@1A,1V Sm Plstc Pwr Cab#3 1
MJE4919 PNP Xistor 60V/3A 40W Moto 20/100@0.5A 3MHz LgPlstcCab#6 ~50
MJE5190 NPN Xistor 40V/4A Moto Flt Plstc Pwr Cab#2 ~70
MJE5194 PNP Xistor 60V/4A 60W 2MHz Moto Big Plstc Flt Pwr Cab#6 ~105
MJE520 NPN Xistor 30V/3A 25W >25á@1A,1V Moto Sm Plstc Pwr Cab#14 1
MJE521 NPN Xistor 40V/1A Natl Sm Plstc Ht Sk Cab#8 10
MJE5983 NPN Xistor 40V/8A Moto #1950139 Flt Plstc Pwr Cab#2 ~100
MLM308G IC-Lin Op Amp Uncomp Moto 8-P TO-5 Cab#8 ~80
MM3007 NPN Xistor 100V/0.25A 50MHz 50/250@0.25A TO-39 Cab#9 ~75
MM4000 PNP Xistor 100V Vsat<0.6V,B>20@10mA <6pF TO-5 Cab#3 ~150
MM4001 PNP Xistor 150V/0.5A ? Cab#3 3
MN3015H DAC 8-Bit DAC Micro Networks 2mA-Io 16P DIP Cab#9 4
MN9539 IC-Amp S&H Ampl MicroNetworks +/-12V 14P DIP Cab#8 7
MPF256 N-Ch FET 30V 0.5-7.5Voff 6-13mA Ampl Natl TO-92 Cab#9 ~150
MPF256 N-Ch FET 30V 0.5-7.5Voff 6-13mA Ampl Natl TO-92 Cab#9 ~150
MPQ3725 IC-NPN Quad 50V/0.5A Fast Moto Quad 2N3725 16P DIP Cab#5 2
MPS-A20 NPN Xistor 40V/.01A Ft>125MHz 40/400@5mA TO-92 Cab#2 sold
MPS-A70 PNP Xistor 40V/.01A >125 MHz TO-92 Cab#3 ~50
MPS-A93 PNP Xistor 200V/0.1A Switch TO-92 Cab#1 ~125
MPS-H20 NPN Xistor 30V/0.1A HF Moto Cab#2 sold
MPS-U02 NPN Xistor 40V/0.8A 1W Moto Uniwatt Pkg ÷TO-202 Cab#14 1
MPS3568-18 NPN Xistor 60V 40/120@.15A .25Vs@.15A 60MHz TO-92 Cab#8 28
MPS4355 PNP Xistor 60V/0.5A Sw Moto 100/400@10mA TO-92 Cab#4 ~55
MPS5172 NPN Xistor 25V 100/750@10uA 200MHz EBC MotoTO-92 Cab#5 ~400
MPS6533 PNP Xistor 40V/0.6A 40/120@0.1A 260MHz TO-92 Cab#3 sold
MPS6534-5 PNP Xistor 40V/0.5A 260MHz TO-92 Cab#4 sold
MPS834 NPN Xistor 30V/0.2A Fast Sw Moto TO-92 Cab#2 ~15
MR1128 Rect 800V/12A Moto Stud Cab#15 1
MR821 Rect 100V/5A Moto Fast 150nS Plstc Axial Cab#15 ~60
MSD6100 Dual Diode Moto 100V PIV 0.1A 4nS Com Cath TO-92 Cab#11 ~100
MT1060 NPN Xistor u-wave Ampl/Osc Fairch TO-72 Cab#5 2
MTP2N85 N-MOS 850V/2A 8 Ohm Moto TO-220 Cab#7 26
MV5055 LED, Red GI 0.2x0.3 Diffused Plastic, Brt. Cab#11 60
MV5070-B LED, Red .125Dx.2H Gen Instr Clr Focus Lens Cab#11 ~1K
MV5070B LED, Red GI .125Dx.2L Cab#11 ~500
MV5080 LED, Red V.Mini LED Radial Leads Cab#11 125
MV5082 LED, Yel V. Mini LED, radial leads Cab#11 sold
MV5253 LED, Grn Gen Instr Fair @ .015A Diffused .2Dx.3L Cab#11 ~60
MV5277C LED, Grn Gen Instr Feeble @.015A .12Dx.15L Cab#11 ~100
MV57124 LED, Red GI Rect Case FlatEndLens .25Wx.15Hx.28H Cab#11 ~200
MZ92-27 Zener 27+3-6V Moto 2-pin TO-92 Cab#1 ~25
Rev. Date 08/27/04

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