Semiconductors, Mfr P/N: U thru Z

I've been collecting semiconductors as a hobby for many years. Maybe you can spot an item you need to complete a kit or to do a repair? Contact me & we'll set a mutually fair price. Tell me what you're looking for, I'll try to help. Ron Black Snohomish, WA 98290 e-mail Part No. Description Specifications/Mfr/Package Place Qty. U183 N-Ch FET 50V 8Vp 0.1nA 250 Ohm ~2N3824 Sil TO-72 Cab#7 22 U200 N-Ch FET 30V 3-25mA 0.5-3Vp <150 Ohms Sil TO-18 Cab#7 7 UA109KMQB V Reg LM109K VR IC (Used condition) TO-3 Cab#10 5 * UA310HC IC Lin Volt Follower IC Fairch 8-P TO-5 Cab#10 ~39 UA746HC IC-Lin Chroma TV Demod Fairch 10-P TO-5 Cab#8 4 UA747CN/PC IC Lin Dual Op Amp Nat'l/TI/Moto 14-P Dip Cab#10 ~50 UA747MQB IC Lin Dual Op Amp Fairch 10-P TO-5 Cab#10 ~100 UA748TC IC Lin Uncomp Op Amp 8-P Dip Cab#10 ~9 UA7805KC V Reg +5V 1.5A? Fairch TO-3 Cab#10 5 * UA7812KC V Reg 12V/1.5A ? Fairch TO-3 Cab#10 10 UA7815UC V Reg +15V 1A VR IC Fairch TO-220 Cab#10 ~57 UA78C15UIC IC-Pos VR +15V/0.5A Fairch TO-202 Cab#6 ~50 UA78L24AHC V Reg 24V/0.1A Fairch TO-5 Cab#10 6 UA78MGHC V Reg Adjust. VR IC Fairch 4-P TO-5 Cab#10 1 UA7905CT V Reg -5V/1A Nat'l + Fairch TO-220 Cab#10 ~100 UA7905CT V Reg -5V/1A Nat'l TO-220 Cab#10 34 UA7905KMQB V Reg -5V 1.5A? Fairch TO-3 Cab#10 7 UA7905KMQB V Reg -5V Fairch IC Volt Reg TO-3 Cab#10 4 UA7906UC V Reg -6V/1A Fairch TO-220 Cab#10 6 UA791 IC-Lin Pwr Op Amp Fairch spec # 10-P TO-3 Cab#8 1 UA7912 V Reg -12V/1A Fairch TO-220 Cab#10 6 UA7912UC V Reg -12V/1A Fairch TO-220 Cab#10 1 UA79M05AHC V Reg -5V/0.5A VR IC Fairch TO-5 Cab#10 ~100 UA79MGHM V Reg -5V Fairch? IC Volt Reg 4-P TO-5 Cab#10 10 UAF355HC IC Lin J-FET Op Amp Fairch 8-P TO-5 Cab#10 ~48 UAF356HC IC Lin J-FET Op Amp Fairch 8-P TO-5 Cab#10 1 UALM723CN V Reg Mfr:SB? 14-P Dip Cab#10 ~40 UC4250C IC Lin Op Amp uPwr Prg I Intersil 8-P TO-5 Cab#10 9 UC714 N-Ch FET 50V 2-10mA 1-4Vp Natl~2N3822 Ampl TO-18 Cab#7 ~21 UC734 N-Ch FET 30V 5-15mA 2.5-6Vp~2N4416 NatlVHF TO-72 Cab#7 ~32 UC155 N-Ch FET Vp<10V <30mA ~110 Ohm Solitron? TO-72 Cab#7 ~37  ULN2280B IC Lin Audio Pwr Amp 2W Like LM380N SPR.14PDip Cab#10 25 V577 Diode Varactor? PSI Cab#1 ~8 VMP12 V-MOS 90V 4 Ohm Zener Gate Siliconix TO-3 Cab#7 8 X16P-3090 NPN Xistor 40V/0.3A GE like 2N5308A B~35k@10mA Rnd Cab#5 ~250 X45H321 PNP Xistor D45H GE #792 6A? TO-220 Cab#6 ~35 XC-880C LED, IR Xciton Hi Output Plastic Cab#11 1 _____________________________________________________________________________ Rev. Date 3/12/2012

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