Semiconductors, Mfr P/N: E thru L

I've been collecting semiconductors as a hobby for many years. Maybe you can spot an item you need to complete a kit or to do a repair? Contact me & we'll set a mutually fair price. Tell me what you're looking for & I'll try to help. Ron Black Snohomish, WA 98290 e-mail Part No. Description Specifications/Mfr/Package Place Qty. ECG5636 Triac 500V/10A Ig<.05A TO-220 Cab#4 3 F2297 N-Ch FET 25V 3Vp 10mA 160 Ohm Amelco? 4-P TO-18 Cab#7 ~400 F2667 N-Ch FET 30V 5Vp 76 Ohm 15mA 4-P TO-18 Cab#7 ~30 F821 Diode ? Fairchild Axial Cab#1 ~25 FA403-LAA Pi Filter 50VDC 10A WestCap L-C-L Wall Mtg STUD Cab#9 >100 FCD820 Opto-Isol Fairch Coupler IC 6-P Dip Cab#11 10 FD-1029-LW PNP Motorola ÷23B@9A ÷42B@5A Lugs@B,E TO-3 Cab#12 ~2K FLM311H IC-Lin Volt Comparator Fairch 8-P TO-5 Cab#8 ~200 FLV118 LED, Red Clear Focus Lens .2Dx.25L Fairch Cab#11 4 FN2775 N-Ch FET Siliconix 150 Ohm 4-P TO-18 Cab#7 2 FPE8050C NPN Xistor 25V <1A Sw 120/200@0.1A EBC Fair TO-92 Cab#5 ~300 FPQ2907 PNP Xistor Quad (like 2N2907) 14P DIP Cab#4 25 FSA2730 IC-Diodes 50V/0.25A(1V) 8-Com Cath 9-pin TO-5 Cab#5 ~19 FT402 NPN 325V/1A Fairchild Good SOAR TO-3 Cab#13 20 FVN2 MOSFET 50V 30 Ohm 2Vth Enhncmt Fairch TO-5 Cab#7 13 GAS105A NPN ?V ?A Fairchild TO-220 Cab#13 ~50 GES3415 NPN Xistor 25V 180/450@2mA GE 0.3Vs@50mA TO-92 Cab#8 ~150 GES5447 PNP Xistor 25V/0.2A 60/300@50mA 100MHZ TO-92 Cab#3 ~50 GES5823 PNP Xistor 60V/0.75A 100/300@2mA B>25@.5A TO-92 Cab#4 sold 10/29/07 GET2369 NPN Xistor 20V/.03A Fast Sw GE TO-92 Cab#5 ~500 GL11 LED, Grn Flat Grn LED Litronix Dim .1x.2x.35H Cab#11 ~50 GPS6517 PNP Xistor 40V 270MHz B>60@0.1A 90/180@2mA TO-98 Cab#3 ~95 HA1-2540-5 IC-Lin Op Amp GBW=400MHz PBW=6MHz 14-P CDIP Cab#9 >50  HA3-2507-5 IC Lin Op Amp Harris 30V/uS SR 8-P Dip Cab#10 8 HCPL2731 Opto-Isol HP DualCouplerIC CTR÷1K% @0.5mA 8-P Dip Cab#11 ~20 HLMP0301 LED, Red HP Flat Sq Pkg .1x.25x.28 Cab#11 14  IDISK6005 PNP Xistor 30V/0.1A B~180@10mA, 0.12V@0.1A TO-92 Cab#3+ ~1500 IRF720 N-Ch FET 400V 1.8 Ohm 40W V-MOS Int Rect TO-220 Cab#7 ~75 IT28HX SCR 200V/8A Isolated Tab Hutson Ind. TO-220 Cab#4 93 8/12/13 * IVN6200KNH N-MOS 100V 10A 75W 0.8-2.5Vth 0.25 Ohm TO-3 Cab#7 1 J175 P-Ch FET Siliconix Sw (Sorted by R-on) TO-92 Cab#7 ~100 J2344 N-Ch FET 30V 45mA 28 Ohm 3Vp GDS TO-92 Cab#7 ~120 J309 N-Ch FET 25V 12-30mA -1..-4Vp UHF Ampl TO-92 Cab#7 2 J4A36FX198 Rect 50V GE Stud CBboxA 49 K1159 Opto-Isol (Used) Interrupter 0.1" Gap Cab#11 ~200 K212 N-Ch FET 25V Siliconix Lo Leak 15-40mA TO-92 Cab#7 18 L9J6 DipSwitch SPST 10-station SIEMENS 20P Dip Cab#13 3 LAS1515 V Reg +15V/1.5A VR IC Lambda TO-3 Cab#10  1 LAS1802 V Reg -18V/1.5A? Lambda VR IC TO-3 Cab#10 5 LAS18U V Reg -1.5A Adjust VR IC Lambda 4-P TO-3 Cab#10 sold out LAS1905 V Reg +5V VR IC Lambda TO-3 Cab#10 sold out LED LED, Yel .2Dx.33L Plastic Diffused Lens 25mA Cab#11 ~1K LED LED, Red Rt Angle PCB Diff Plastic Lens (Brt) Cab#11 ~200 LED LED, Grn Diffused Lens, .2Dx.3L Fair@.015A Cab#11 ~2K LED Lamp Red LED Lamp+500ê Res 12V/.018A Min. Cab#11 ~300 LED55C LED-IR 5.4mW@0.1A/1.4V GE 940nM 2-lead TO-18 Cab#9 >1000 LF353N IC-Lin DualOpAmp(like TL072CP)Natl 4MHz 8P DIP Cab#9 >60 LM101H IC-Lin Op Amp Uncomp Natl 8-P TO-5 Cab#8 5 LM120-9.0 V Reg -9V/3A? /883B VR IC Nat'l TO-3 Cab#10 1 LM120K-5.0 V Reg -5V/3A? /883B VR IC Nat'l TO-3 Cab#10 3 LM137H IC< Lin National TO-5 Cab#12 5 LM1877N-26 IC Lin Dual Pwr Audio Amp 14-P Dip Cab#10 4 LM220K-9.0 V Reg -9V/3A? VR IC Nat'l TO-3 Cab#10 1 LM270 IC Lin Squelch Amp National 10-P TO-5 Cab#10 8 LM2902N IC-Lin Quad Volt Comparator Natl 14 Pin DIP Cab#8 35 LM308N IC Lin Op Amp Nat'l 8-P Dip Cab#10 10 LM309K V Reg Pos VR IC Nat'l TO-3 Cab#10 3  LM317K IC-Pos VR Adj Volt Reg Steel Natl 1.5A TO-3 Cab#6 39  LM317T IC-Pos VR Adj +VR TO-220 Cab#6 ~15  LM318N IC Lin Op Amp? Nat'l 8-P Dip Cab#10 ~50 LM320MLP-8.0 Neg VR -8V/0.5A Natl Negative Volt Reg TO-202 Cab#6 15 LM326S IC-VR Dual +/-12V TrackingVR SadleHS 14-P DIP Cab#6 ~39 LM337KSteel IC-VR Negative Polarity Volt Reg 1.5A TO-3 Cab#6 47  LM340-24 V Reg 24V/1.5A Nat'l TO-220 Cab#10 16 LM340KC-12 V Reg 12V 1A ÷7812CK IC Nat'l TO-3 Cab#10 ~25 LM340T-5 V Reg +5V/1A Nat'l TO-220 Cab#10 30 LM341P V Reg +5V/0.5A 78M05 VR IC Nat'l TO-202 Cab#10 32 _____________________________________________________________________________ Rev. Date: 08/23/2013 *Note: Thanks to Bob Levitt for info on IT28HX devices!

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