Semiconductors, Mfr P/N: C thru D

I've been collecting semiconductors as a hobby for many years. Maybe you can spot an item you need to complete a kit or to do a repair? Contact me & we'll set a mutually fair price. Tell me what you're looking for & I'll try to help. Ron Black Snohomish, WA 98290 e-mail Part No. Description Specifications/Mfr/Package Place Qty. C105AX14 SCR 100V/1A rms GE TO-5 Cab#4 ~60 C106A2 SCR 100V/4A rms GE Chopped TO-202 Cab#4 ~350 C106B1 SCR 200V/4A TO-202 Cab#4 ~10 C106B21 SCR 200V/4A GE Cutoff Tab TO-202 Cab#4 50 C106C4 SCR 300V/4A rms GE like-TO-220 Cab#4 2 C106F-41 SCR 50V/4A GE like-TO-220 Cab#4 ~100 C106F41 SCR 50V/0.2A Ig<0.2mA Cutoff Tab TO-202 Cab#4 ~50 C107A1 SCR 100V/4A Ig<0.5mA GE TO-202 Cab#4 ~300 C107C41 SCR 300V/4A GE Cutoff Tab TO-202 Cab#4 50 C116 SCR 50V/8A GE TO-202 Cab#4 7 C11JX442 SCR >350V/5A GE Stud Cab#15 17 C122B5 SCR 200V/8A GE TO-220 Cab#4  sold C137N SCR 800V/35A GE Stud Cab#15 1 C153 NPN Xistor Ceramic Rnd Pkg Cab#5 ~18 C157MX168 SCR 600V 110A GE Big STUD Cab#7 sold C180AX500 SCR ? GE Braid Terminal Stud CBboxA 8 C220F2 SCR 50V 10A GE Insul STUD Cab#7 8 C228M2 SCR 600V 35A GE Insul STUD Cab#7 4 C230D2 SCR 400V 25A GE Insul STUD Cab#7 5 C245B12 SCR 200V GE STUD Cab#7 6 C290A-A2-A1 SCR ? GE Braid Terminal Stud CBboxA 6 C290A-A2-B2 SCR ? GE Braid Terminal Stud CBboxA 1 C290A-B1-A1 SCR ? GE Braid Terminal Stud CBboxA 2 C290A-B1-A2 SCR ? GE Braid Terminal Stud CBboxA 1 C290A-B1-B1 SCR ? GE Braid Terminal Stud CBboxA 1 C290A-F1-A1 SCR ? GE Braid Terminal Stud CBboxA 1 C290A-F1-A2 SCR ? GE Braid Terminal Stud CBboxA 4 C3984 PNP Xistor Chopper Sim 2N2946A Crystalonics? TO-46 Cab#14 4 CA3045 IC-NPN Array 15 Vceo Fairch 40/100@1mA Array 14P DIP Cab#8 14 CA3096E IC-Array 3-NPN&2-PNP Array RCA 35V 10/50mA16PDIP Cab#8 24 CA3130AE IC Lin CMOS Op Amp RCA <15V 8-P Dip Cab#10 sold CA3130AS IC Lin CMOS Op Amp RCA <15V 8-P TO-5 Cab#10  sold CA3130S IC Lin CMOS Op Amp RCA <15V 8-P TO-5 Cab#10  sold CA3140T IC Lin CMOS Op Amp RCA 8-P TO-5 Cab#10  sold CA3183A IC-NPN Array 5-NPN Array IC RCA 16P DIP Cab#5 11 CA3401E IC Lin Norton Quad Op Amp ó18Vs 14-P Dip Cab#10 10 CD942 PNP Xistor Chopper? CD TO-46 Cab#14 2 CD96 PNP Dual Crystalonics? 6-P TO-5 Cab#14 8 CLF280RTP LED, Red T-1.75 PLastic Panel-Mtg Lens Cab#11 100 CR174BA35B PhotoRes Photo Sensitive Res 1.6Kê=Brt 2-P TO-5 Cab#11 ~200 CT1296 PNP Xistor 40V Sprague Sim CM67 20MHz Hi G TO-92 Cab#3 ~600 CTS206-4 DipSwitch SPST 4-station Vert CTS 8P Dip Cab#13 95 CTS206-8 DipSwitch SPST 8-stations CTS 16P Dip Cab#13 ~19 D28D5 NPN 40V 1A 120/360B@0.1A GE TO-202 Cab#13 6 D33D27 NPN Xistor 40V 250/500@2mA 150MHz Sprague TO-92 Cab#5 ~300 D40C1N NPN 30V/0.5A 30K@0.2A GE TO-202 Cab#13 ~140 D40C4 NPN Xistor 40V/0.5A GE TO-202 Cab#2  sold  D40D1 NPN 30V/1A 50/150B@0.1A>10B@1A200MHz TO-202 Cab#13 ~100 D40D1(CH) NPN 30V/1A 200MHz GE Chopped Tab TO-202 Cab#13 ~80 D40D11N NPN 70V/1A Fast50/150B@0.1A200MHz GE TO-202 Cab#13 sold  D41D1V PNP Xistor 30V/1A GE 150MHz TO-202 Cab#6 3 D42C2N NPN Xistor 30V/1A GE Cut Tab TO-202 Cab#5 2 D42C9 NPN 60V 2A >20B@2A <0.5V@1A GE 2W TO-202 Cab#13 ~50 D43C2 PNP Xistor 30V/1A GE TO-202 Cab#1 ~25 D43C31N PNP Xistor 30V/3A 40/120@0.2A 40MHz GE TO-202 Cab#6 84 D43C3N PNP Xistor 30V/3A 40/120@0.2A 40MHz Less TabTO-202 Cab#6 ~40 D44VM4 PNP Xistor 45V/6A B>20@6A Vs<1.2V/8A GE TO-220 Cab#6 19 D45C11 PNP Xistor 80V/4A Fast GE TO-220 Cab#6 ~50 D45C8 PNP Xistor 60V/1A GE TO-220 Cab#1 ~25 D5J43 UJT 35V 4.7K-9.1K Ohm GE TO-18 Cab#4 5 D64VS3 NPN Xistor 300V/15A >8á GE Vs<1V TO-3 Cab#14 1 DAC80CB1-V DAC Ana Dev 12 Bit Bin DAC Volt Out 24P DIP Cab#9  sold DG139AP IC-Ana Sw DPDT J-FET Sw Siliconix 14P CDIP Cab#8 1 DG171AA-2 IC-Ana Sw SPDT AnaSwMOS+/-15V,+5V-5to+15V10P TO-5 Cab#8 6 DG200CJ IC-Ana Sw,Dual SPST AnaSw Siliconix +/-15V 14P DIP Cab#8 63 DG301CJ IC-Ana Sw/ACJ SPDT AnaSw Siliconix +/-15V LPwr14P DIP Cab#8 ~50 DG381CJ IC-Ana Sw,Dual SPST +/-15V Siliconix 14P DIP Cab#8 25 DL4250A-12 LED, Grn .2Dx.3L Plastic Diffused Lens Dim@.015A Cab#11 ~60 DMG182CJ IC-Ana Sw,Dual SPST AnaSw Intersil +/-15V CMOS 14P DIP Cab#8 ~100 DPC202E NPN Xistor ? Fairch TO-66 Cab#2 ~23 DTS4010 NPN Xistor 250V/1A Darlgtn 8MHz Delco TO-3 Cab#9 1 DTS4010 NPN DarlgtnDelco 250V/1A B>150@1A 8MHz TO-3 Cab#12 2 DYS-10 DipSwitch SPST 10-station ALCO 20P Dip Cab#13 1 _____________________________________________________________________________ Rev. Date: 01/26/2006

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