Semiconductors, Diodes/Rectifiers 1N????:

I've been collecting semiconductors as a hobby for many years. Maybe you can spot an item you need to complete a kit or to do a repair? Contact me & we'll set a mutually fair price. Tell me what you're looking for & I'll try to help. Ron Black Snohomish, WA 98290 e-mail Part No. Description Specifications/Mfr/Package Place Qty. 1N1183 Rect 50V/35A Moto DO-5 Stud Cab#15 ~25 1N1184 Rect 100V/35A Moto DO-5 Stud Cab#15 5 1N1188 Rect 400V/35A Wstghse, IR Stud Cab#15 22 1N1190 Rect 600V/35A Stud Cab#15 1 1N1191 Rect 50V/18A@150øC Wstghse,Transitron,S Stud Cab#15 31 1N1202 Rect 200V/12A JAN IRC Stud Cab#14 4 1N1202R Rect 200V/12A Stud Cab#15 5 1N2029 Rect 400V/1A SSDI Slow Stud Cab#15 ~38 1N2129A Rect 100V/60A Int Rect Stud Cab#15 ~25 1N2130A Rect. 150V/60A Int Rect Stud Mtg Cab#12 2 1N2156 Rect 200V/25A@Tc=145øC QPL Stud Cab#15 14 1N248 Rect 50V/25A Transitron Stud Cab#15 2 1N248B Rect 50V/20A Moto STUD Cab#9 7 1N250B Rect 200V/37A Wstghse JAN Stud Cab#15 1 1N3208R Rect 50V/35A Moto Anode=Stud Cab#15 8 1N3595 Diode 150V/0.2A 6pF Axial Cab#1 6 1N3880 Rect 150V/6A Moto Slow Stud Cab#15 ~44 1N3880R Rect 100V/6A Moto Fast Stud Cab#15 1 1N3890 Rect 100V/30A 200nS NAE JTX Cab#15 2 1N3893 Rect 400V/12A 100nS Fast NAE (JAN) STUD Cab#9 2 1N3910 Rect 100V/30A GE 200nS Stud Cab#15 8 1N3913 Rect 400V/30A 200nS JTX Unitrode Stud Cab#15 ~28 1N4049 Rect 300V 1.35V@275A IR? Braid Term. Stud CBboxA 1 1N4151 Diode 50V/0.15A 2nS GE Axial Cab#1 ~50 1N4170A Rect ? Axial, Metal Body Cab#1 2 1N4245 Diode 200V/1A /JTX Ceramic Axial Cab#12 ~25 1N4436 Bridge Rect 200V/10A Varo Like TO-3 Cab#15 sold 1N4455 Diode 50V/5mA ETCO Cab#1 ~25 1N4721 Rect 200V/3A Moto Top Hat Metal Axial Cab#15 ~130 1N4933 Diode 50V/1A Fast Moto Axial Cab#9 ~65 1N4938 Diode 200V/0.1uA 1V@0.1A 50uS LoLeak Axial Cab#12 20 1N5059 Diode 200V/2.5A 3uS ITT/GE Axial Cab#9 ~100 1N5061 Diode 600V/2.5A 3uS ITT Axial Cab#9 ~100 1N5062 Rect 800V/2.5A? 3uS ITT Glass Axial Cab#15 ~19 1N5393 Diode 200V/1.5A Moto Plastic Axial Cab#12 ~50 1N5401 Rect 100V/3A Moto Plstc Axial Cab#9 ~100 1N5618 Rect 600V/1A JTX 2uS Cer Axial Cab#15 ~31 1N5624 Rect 200V/3A@70øC JTX ÷2.5uS Cer Axial Cab#15 ~33 1N5814 Rect 100V/20A Unitrode Fast Stud Cab#15 2 1N6373 Zener 6.9V Transient Suppr Moto Plstc Axial Cab#15 12 _____________________________________________________________________________ Rev. Date: 04/25/05

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