Semiconductors, _ thru B

I've been collecting semiconductors as a hobby for many years. Maybe you can spot an item you need to complete a kit or to do a repair? Contact me & we'll set a mutually fair price. Tell me what you're looking for & I'll try to help. Ron Black Snohomish, WA 98290 e-mail Part No. Description Specifications/Mfr/Package Place Qty. NPN 400-600Vceo TO-3 Cab#12 10 NPN Dual ? Unmarked Flat Plstc Pkg Cab#14 5 0285564 NPN Xistor ? (Unknown) National ECB TO-92 Cab#8 ~75 104DGRA DipSwitch SPDT ALCO-MSS Side Slider 3P Sip Cab#13 8 108C17 NPN Xistor >150V/3A Wstghse Stud Cab#14 7 13030-5 NPN 100V ÷.33V@5A ÷34B@5A RCA TO-3 Cab#12 8 15348907 NPN ò90V ÷39B@5A ÷.33V@5A Motorola TO-3 Cab#12 20 157329 SCR ? Moto Spec Stud Cab#15 2 163-20 NPN Xistor 200V/20A Wstghse Stud Cab#14 6 1820-0001 IC Lin Lin IC, GE Ref Ampl #313? 4-P TO-5 Cab#10 39 2SC2498 NPN Xistor 35V B=75 TO-92 Cab#5  sold 300E60 Rect ? IR? Braid Terminal Stud CBboxA 1 30CTQ030 Rect. Dual Schottky ComCath 30V/30A IR TO-220 Cab#12 3 338 PNP Xistor 100V/1A Natl B=100@20mA Tab TO-92+ Cab#4+ ~2100 3680 Rect 200V/15A Wstghse Stud Cab#15 ~15 368B Rect 100V/15A Wstghse Stud Cab#15 12 36RA80 SCR ? IR Braid Terminal Stud CBboxA 2 3A50 Rect 50V/3A? Plstc Axial Cab#15 ? 4403-47608 N-Ch DUAL 1-3mA dV<10mV Natl Dual FET 6-P TO-18 Cab#7 ~80 40372 NPN Xistor 60V 4A RCA TO-66+HtSk Cab#9 sold 435626-5 DipSwitch SPST 8-stations AMP (Salvaged) 16P Dip Cab#13 ~25 49-2655 SolarCells 0.4"Hx0.2"W 1.5" Leads,0.55V/10mA IR Cab#11 ~95 4JA36BX16 Rect 100V? GE Stud Cab#15 ~23 4JA37BX37 Rect 300V/?A GE Stud Cab#15 ? 650FB2LX11 Bridge Rect IR Plstc Pkg Cab#15 1 6481932181 NPN >200V Solitron? #-1 Stud Cab#13 8 6A1 Rect 100V/6A Nanticoke Plstc Axial Cab#15 ~50 70H20A Rect 200V/85A IR Stud Cab#15 8 723 V Reg M38510/10201BIC IC Volt Reg 10-P TO-5 Cab#10 4 741DC IC Lin Op Amp 14-P Dip Cab#10 6 76PSB04 DipSwitch SPST 4-station Piano Grayhill 8P Dip Cab#13 14 76SD02 DipSwitch DPDT 2-stations Grayhill Dip Cab#13 3 7805C V Reg +5V/1A TI TO-220 Cab#10 24 78L08ACH V Reg 8V 0.1A Nat'l TO-5 Cab#10 1 78L15A V Reg +15V 0.1A Nat'l TO-92 Cab#10 ~100 78M05CH V Reg +5V/0.5A LM309HT TO-5 Cab#10 20 78M12DB V Reg 12V 0.5A Sil Gen TO-5 Cab#10 2 78M15 V Reg +15A 0.5A TO-202 Cab#10 2 78MGT3C V Reg Adjust. Fairch 4-P Dip+Tab Cab#10 sold 7912C V Reg -12V 1A Volt Reg IC TI TO-220 Cab#10 4 7915C V Reg -15V 1A V Reg IC TI TO-220 Cab#10 48 79M20AVC V Reg -20V 0.5A V Reg IC TO-220 Cab#10 2 79MGT1C V Reg Adjust Neg VR IC Fair.4-P Mini-Dip+Tabs Cab#10 sold 804128 Reed Switch Capsules for Reed Relays -8,-11 Cab#13 ~75  862051-1 Rect 100V/6A TRW Fast Stud Cab#15 ~50 862316-35 IC-Ana Sw J-FET Sw Siliconix ? 10P TO-5 Cab#8 7 932108-2 NPN Xistor RF Power TRW STUD Cab#5 5 932329-2 Rect 100V Semtech 2SF1? ÷0.66V@1A Fast Stud Cab#15 4 A14MX329 Rect 600V/2.5A 3uS (329M222) Cer Axial Cab#15 12 A35 PhotoRes GE 500 Photo Resistor 2-P TO-5 Cab#11 ~50 A38PX164 Rect 1KV 12.5A GE Stud Cab#15 8 AD507JH IC Lin Fast Op Amp Ana Devices 8-P TO-5 Cab#10 sold AD7521LN IC-DAC 12 Bit DAC CMOS Ana Dev 18-Pin DIP Cab#8 10 BU406 PNP Xistor 400V/7A Fast Sw SGS 10MHz<1Vs@5A TO-220 Cab#9 ~50 BYW80 Rect,Schottky 100V 0.74V@5A 2-L TO-220 Cab#15 12 _____________________________________________________________________________ Rev. Date: 11/20/10

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