Current Shunts...   Revised 7/31/03:

Definitions... (same relative positions as in picture above):

100A/0.1V                     500A/0.1V
Sold,  all gone!                Empro 4-web  (Sold)

750A/0.1V   $18             500A/0.1V     $17   }
Sold, all gone!                   Empro 4-web.  1-ea }

300A/0.1V   $18             500A/0.05V
1-ea. 3-web QECO         Sold, all gone!

100A/0.05V                   300A/0.05V   $15
Sold, all gone!                 JANCO MS91587 2-web 1-ea.

Admiral      GE               50A/0.05V
80T  $2       JAI-0 $4     Sold, all gone!
Coil            Ratio:
~4-5ea      100:5 Amp
Avail.         2 VA
                  50-400Hz .

Not Shown above:

Similar to top left shunt in picture -

150 A 50 mV 1-web GE #50-1400 31 PZAA  $15  2-ea.

40 A 100 mV 2-web GE #50-1400 34NPAA  $15 1-ea.

Westinghouse Thermocouple for RF Ammeter (8/24/39 !)
Style # 878644  5-Amperes  Antique but probably ok.  Ask $15
Wall mounting plate (attitude sensitive)

Triplet Model 10  Clamp-On AC Current Transformer
"very used" but functional.. has 6-ranges from 6A FS to 300A FS, with
approximately 3Vac at FS, with selected resostors across the sensing coil.
Use external ac voltmeter to read output voltage.  (priced at $3)
Internal wiring sketch included.