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These are some scanned film images from my father's slide collection.  He has been an inspiration to me as he was always using a film camera whenever we went anywhere it seemed... and our memories are filled with his images.  He passed away in Dec 2002, at the age of 96 yrs, 11 months, and I miss him greatly!

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Photos from my father's Collection:
35mm slides scanned using the HP C5100A  PhotoSmart film scanner.

   Paul Black's Beach Shots...  (Bch_01s)

   More Beach images...  (Bch_04s)

   Deep in the heart of cactus plants...  (Cactus1s)

   Paul's nice cactus blooms...  (Desrt_s1)

   Dim Light...   (Dim_lits)

    Wagon Wheel ... a favorite subject of Paul's.   (Ghst_01s)

    Bodie,  a Ghost from the past...   (Ghst_03s)

    Paul Black in faster times...  (Peb_01s)

There's a lot more of these Paul Black photos being prepared for showing in weeks to come...
As always, a larger sized version is available via email if you ask nicely   : )

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