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I've been collecting semiconductors as a hobby for many years. Maybe you can 
spot an item you need to complete a kit or to do a repair? Contact me & we'll 
set a mutually fair price. Tell me what you're looking for & I'll try to help.

     Ron Black                
     Snohomish, WA 98290

Part No.  Description    Specifications/Mfr/Package              Place   Qty.   

2N6191    PNP Xistor     80V/5A Fast Sw >40@5A Moto       TO-5   Cab#3    ~33
2N6237    SCR            50V/2.6A Moto Ig<0.2mA  Sm Plstc Ht Sk  Cab#4    ~40
2N6284    NPN            100V/20A Drlgtn >100B@30A <4V@20A Moto  Cab#13     6
2N6315    NPN            60V/3A                 Moto       TO-66 Cab#13   ~25
2N6331    PNP Xistor     100V 6/30 B@30A 3MHZ Moto 200W     TO-3 Cab#6      9
2N6386    NPN            40V/8A Darlington   RCA          TO-220 Cab#13     5
2N6387    NPN Xistor     60V/10A 40W Darlgtn RCA B>1k@5A  TO-220 Cab#9   ~120
2N6401    SCR            100V/16A  Moto                   TO-220 Cab#9    ~50     
2N6469    PNP            40V/15A 20/50B@5A 3.5V@15A 10MHz   TO-3 Cab#12     1
2N6474    NPN            120V/2A 4MHz     2 RCA, 23 HD?   TO-220 Cab#13   ~25 (revised 4/26/2012)
2N657     NPN Xistor               TI, Rheem                TO-5 Cab#14     0
2N6576    NPN            60V/10A Darlgtn 2K/20K B@4A Moto   TO-3 Cab#13     4
2N682     SCR            50V/25A  Moto                     STUD  Cab#4      7
2N685     SCR            200V   GE                        Stud   Cab#1      2
2N685     SCR            200V 25A Moto, GE                  STUD Cab#7      5
2N686     SCR             ?     IR                        Stud   Cab#1      2
2N696     PNP Xistor     35V  20/60@0.15A    40MHz        TO-5   Cab#3      5
2N697     NPN Xistor     40V/0.15A  50MHz  Fairch          TO-5  Cab#5     22
2N709     NPN Xistor     Vceo=6V    RCA, TI                TO-18 Cab#14   ~10
2N718A    NPN Xistor     JAN  CRP   Long Leads             TO-18 Cab#14     0
2N731     NPN Xistor     40V/0.15A   TI                    TO-18 Cab#14     7
2N735     NPN Xistor                                       TO-18 Cab#14     0
2N736     NPN Xistor               TI                      TO-18 Cab#14     1
2N760A    NPN Xistor     60V/0.01A    NSC                  TO-18 Cab#14     2
2N910     NPN Xistor               TI                      TO-18 Cab#14     6
2N914     NPN Xistor               IDI                     TO-18 Cab#14     5
2N917     NPN Xistor     15V .01A  Fairch.             4-P TO-72 Cab#14     0
2N918     NPN Xistor                                             Cab#14     0
2N929     NPN Xistor     Lo Level Amplifier                TO-18 Cab#14   0
2N930     NPN Xistor     Lo Level Amplifier High Beta      TO-18 Cab#14   0
2N930-PR  NPN Xistor     Matched Pairs Lo Lev Amp          TO-18 Cab#8  Pr=23
2N945     PNP Xistor                    SS                 TO-18 Cab#14     2
2N946     PNP Xistor                                       TO-18 Cab#14     7     
2N956     NPN Xistor     50V 300MHz Sim 2N718 Fairch       TO-18 Cab#14     0
2N995     PNP Xistor     15V/0.05A 300MHz RF Ampl Moto     TO-18 Cab#14     2
2SC2498   NPN Xistor     35V  B=75 (see specs below):     TO-92  Cab#5   ~100

2SC2498 specs (Courtesy of Bob Levitt of Toronto):   02/04/2006....
Toshiba VHF-UHF RF small signal low noise amp TO-92 NPN
Vceo 20Volts, IC=50mA, Pc=0.3W, Cob=1.15pf, S1-2-Gain=14.5db@500MHz, fT=3.5Ghz
Rev. Date:   08/31/2012

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