Semiconductors, Transistors, 2N5XXX

               I've been collecting semiconductors as a hobby for many years. Maybe you can 
spot an item you need to complete a kit or to do a repair? Contact me & we'll 
set a mutually fair price. Tell me what you're looking for & I'll try to help.

     Ron Black                
     Snohomish, WA 98290

Part No.  Description    Specifications/Mfr/Package              Place   Qty.   
2N5039    NPN            75V/10A <1V@10A Ts,1.5uS  RCA      TO-3 Cab#13    14
2N5047    N-Ch FET, Dual 50V 8mA dVgs<15mV Vp<4.5V     6-P TO-18 Cab#14  sold*
                *possible alternate for above:  
    4403-47608 N-Ch DUAL 1-3mA dV<10mV Natl Dual FET   6-P TO-18 Cab#7    ~80
2N5060    Thyristor      30V/0.8A Ig<0.2mA                 TO-92 Cab#4    ~25
2N5139    PNP Xistor     20V/0.1A                    flat ~TO-92 Cab#1    ~15
2N5139F   PNP Xistor     20V/0.1A Fairchild           Rnd ~TO-92 Cab#1    ~30
2N5171    Thyristor      600V 20A Moto Ih<.05A (used)       STUD Cab#7     16
2N5172    NPN Xistor     25V  100/750@10uA 200MHz      Rnd TO-92 Cab#5   ~300
2N5184    NPN Xistor     120V >10á@.05A  RCA               TO-18 Cab#14    15
2N5188    NPN Xistor     55V/0.8A Sw B=25@0.15A Intl Dev    TO-5 Cab#5     25
2N5190    NPN Xistor     40V/4A         Moto    Sm Plstc Pwr Pkg Cab#14     1
2N5193    PNP Xistor     40V/2A    Moto                          Cab#1      2
2N5193    PNP Xistor     40V/4A 2MHz Moto       Sm Flt Plstc Pwr Cab#6    ~44
2N5193    NPN Xistor     40V/1A         Moto    Sm Plstc Pwr Pkg Cab#14     1
2N5194    PNP Xistor     60V/4A 25/100@1.5A 2MHz Moto  Flt Plstc Cab#6    ~10
2N5210    NPN Xistor     50V Moto 200/600@0.1mA 30MHz LoN  TO-92 Cab#8   ~300    
2N5262    ? Xistor               RCA                       TO-39 Cab#9   sold
2N5267    P-Ch FET       60V 1.5/3mA  Moto                 TO-18 Cab#14     1
2N5274    SCR            400V/25A  TI                       Stud Cab#15     3
2N5344    PNP Xistor     250V/1A 60MHz 35/100á@0.5A  Moto  TO-66 Cab#14     1
2N5367    PNP Xistor     40V 250/500@50mA 350MHz           TO-98 Cab#3    ~15    
2N5400    PNP Xistor     120V/.05A                               Cab#1      8
2N5401    PNP Xistor     150V/.05A Fairch                  TO-92 Cab#3    ~60
2N5416    PNP Xistor     300V/50mA  15MHz 30/150beta        TO-5 Cab#3    ~38
2N5416    PNP Xistor     300V/50mA  RCA  15MHz(Short Leads) TO-5 Cab#9    ~67
2N5457    N-Ch FET       25V 1-5mA 0.5-6Vp Moto            TO-92 Cab#7  ~1000
2N5551    NPN Xistor     100V/.05A Moto                    TO-92 Cab#5   ~150
2N5572    Triac          400V/15A           RCA         Pressfit Cab#4      2
2N5657    NPN            350V/0.5A 30/250B@0.1A Moto      TO-126 Cab#13    50
2N5667    NPN Xistor     300V/5A tOFF<2uS B~50@0.5A UnitrodeTO-5 Cab#9      5
2N5681    NPN Xistor     100V 40/150@0.25A B>5@1A Fair30MHz TO-5 Cab#8     13
2N5686    NPN            80V/50A 15/60B@25A<1V@25A 2MHzWstghTO-3 Cab#13    28
2N5772    NPN Xistor     40V/0.3A SwNatl 30/120@30mA350MHz TO-92 Cab#8   ~120
2N5988    PNP Xistor     80V/6A Moto       ECB Big Flt Plstc Pwr Cab#6    ~50
Rev. Date:  07/15/05
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