Semiconductors, Transistors, 2N4XXX

I've been collecting semiconductors as a hobby for many years. Maybe you can 
spot an item you need to complete a kit or to do a repair? Contact me & we'll 
set a mutually fair price. Tell me what you're looking for & I'll try to help.

     Ron Black                
     Snohomish, WA 98290

Part No.  Description    Specifications/Mfr/Package              Place   Qty.   
2N4036    PNP Xistor     65V  40/140@0.15A  60Mhz         TO-5   Cab#3    ~75
2N4092    N-Ch FET       ~39 Ohm Ron Siliconix         3-P TO-18 Cab#7   sold
2N4113    NPN            80V/2A  40/120B@2A 50MHz GSI       TO-3 Cab#13     2
2N4122    PNP Xistor     40V RF Ampl    Fairch         MST TO-18 Cab#14     7     
2N4123    NPN Xistor     30V/0.2A 250MHz 50/150@2mA       TO-92  Cab#5   ~100
2N4124    NPN Xistor     30V/0.1A Hi Beta  Fairch., Moto  TO-92  Cab#5    78 **
2N4125    PNP Xistor     30V   50/150@2mA 200MHz         TO-92   Cab#3 } both
2N4126    ? Xistor            TI                           TO-92 Cab#9     14
2N4126    PNP Xistor     25V  120/360@2mA 250MHz 0.4Vsat TO-92   Cab#3 } ~400
2N4126    PNP Xistor     25V/0.2A Fast B>60@.05A 250MHz  TO-92   Cab#4     40
2N4150    NPN Xistor     80V/5A JTX    Transitron           TO-5 Cab#14     1
2N4194    SCR            200V/5A                 Axial Lead Pkg  Cab#4      1
2N4208    PNP Xistor     12V/.05A Fast Sw  700MHz        TO-72   Cab#3     23
2N4221    N-Ch FET       30V 1/5Vp 2/6mA Moto        Plstc TO-72 Cab#14  sold
2N4233A   NPN            80V/1.5A    Motorola              TO-66 Cab#13   ~75
2N4234    PNP Xistor     40V/3A 30/50@.25A 3MHz 0.6Vsat@1A TO-5  Cab#4   ~150
2N4240S   NPN Xistor     300V RCA (cut leads)              TO-66 Cab#14    10
2N4249    see PN4249
2N4305    NPN Xistor     80V/5A  50/150á@1A TRW             TO-5 Cab#14     1
2N4319    SCR            400V/8A  Fairch                 TO-66?  Cab#4    ~27
2N4383    NPN Xistor     30V  100/500@10uA Spr Lo Lev Amp  TO-5  Cab#5     12
2N4384    NPN Xistor     30V 2db NF LoLevAmp 100/500@10uA  TO-18 Cab#8    ~50
2N4385    NPN Xistor     30V LoNoiseAmp 30MHz 40/500@10uA   TO-3 Cab#8    ~35
2N4400    NPN Xistor     40V/0.6A                        TO-92   Cab#2    ~50
2N4402    PNP Xistor     40V/0.6A Sw, Compl to 2n4401?           Cab#1      8
2N4402    PNP Xistor     40V 50/150@0.15A 150MHzTs<200nS TO-98   Cab#3   ~150
2N4403    PNP Xistor     40V/0.5A  100/300@0.1A 200MHZ   TO-92   Cab#3   ~220
2N4407    PNP Xistor                    Moto                TO-3 Cab#14     1
2N4410    NPN Xistor     80V/0.1A   Neon Driver          TO-92   Cab#2    ~50
2N4441    SCR            50V/8A   Moto    Flt Big Plstc Pwr Pkg  Cab#4      1
2N4442    Thyristor      200V/8A Moto        Big Plstc Flt Pkg   Cab#12    10
2N4856    N-Ch FET       40V R÷25ê 4/10Vp  JTX             TO-18 Cab#14  sold out
2N4857    N-Ch FET       40V 20-100mA Vp<6V <40 Ohm        TO-18 Cab#7   sold out
2N4858    N-Ch FET       40V 8-80mA <4Vp <80 Ohm Natl      TO-18 Cab#7   sold out
2N4861    N-Ch FET       30V 8-80mA 0.8-4Vp Fast           TO-18 Cab#7   sold out
2N4879    NPN Dual       55V 150/600á@10uA dVbe<5mV <5uV/øC TO18 Cab#14     8
2N4898    PNP Xistor     40V/1A Fairch 3MHz B>40@1A        TO-66 Cab#6      2
2N4916    PNP Xistor     30V/0.1A Fast Sw                        Cab#1      9
2N4918    PNP Xistor     40V/1A  Moto            Flt Plstc Pwr   Cab#3      1
2N4920    PNP Xistor     80V/1A 30W     Moto    Sm Plstc Pwr Pkg Cab#14     2
2N4921    NPN Xistor     40V/1A Moto              Sm Plstc Ht Sk Cab#8      1
2N4921    NPN Xistor     40V/1A  20/100@0.5A 3MHz   Sm Plstc Pwr Cab#9    ~50
2N4921    NPN Xistor     40V/1A        Moto     Sm Plstc Pwr Pkg Cab#14     4
2N4957    PNP Xistor     30V/.03A RF   1200 MHz       4P TO-72   Cab#3     31
2N4975    PNP Xistor     Darlngtn 30V/0.5A >15Ká@0.5A Moto  TO-5 Cab#14     1
2N498     NPN Xistor               Transitron              TO-39 Cab#14     0
2N4992    SBS Trigger    +/-8V (7.5-9V) GE         Round TO-92   Cab#4+ 0
Rev. Date: 11/26/07
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