Semiconductors, Transistors, 2N3XXX

I've been collecting semiconductors as a hobby for many years. Maybe you can
spot an item you need to complete a kit or to do a repair? Contact me & we'll
set a mutually fair price. Tell me what you're looking for & I'll try to help.

Ron Black
Snohomish, WA 98290

Part No. Description Specifications/Mfr/Package Place Qty.
2N3013 NPN Xistor 15V/0.25A Fast Sw ÷350MHz Cab#14 6
2N3014 NPN Xistor 20V Fast Sw 350MHz B>25@0.1A SCA? TO-18 Cab#9 26
2N3015 NPN Xistor 30V/0.5A B>10@0.3A 250MHz Moto Sw TO-5 Cab#8 4 *
2N3053 NPN Xistor 40V/0.5A 50/250@0.15A 100MHz Sw TO-39 Cab#8   29 *
2N3054 NPN Xistor 55V 25/100@0.5A 4MHz TO-66 Cab#6  79 
2N3055 NPN Xistor Moto TO-3 Cab#14 1
2N3107 NPN Xistor 60V/1A 100/300@.15A Natl 70MHz TO-39 Cab#5 5
2N3217 PNP Xistor Chopper CI TO-46 Cab#14 5
2N3218 PNP Xistor Chopper CI TO-46 Cab#14 1
2N3219 PNP Xistor Chopper CI TO-46 Cab#14 2
2N3251A PNP Xistor JAN TX Moto TO-18 Cab#14 90
2N3330 P-Ch FET 20V 2/6mA <6Vp Union Carbide TO-72 Cab#14 0
2N335 NPN Xistor Lo Level Ampl Alloy-jct TI TO-5 Cab#14 0
2N3365 N-Ch FET 40V 0.8/4mA TO-18 Cab#14 4
2N3404 NPN Xistor 50V 75/225@2mA 0.3Vsat@50mA GE HS+TO-92 Cab#8 59 *
2N3415 NPN Xistor 25V/0.5A 180/540B Rnd TO-92 Cab#5 ~1000
2N3498 NPN Xistor 100V 0.15A 40/120@? 150MHz TO-5 Cab#8 22 *
2N3501 NPN Xistor 150V/0.3A 100/300@.15A 150MHzMoto TO-39 Cab#5 2
2N3506 NPN Xistor 40V/2A TO-5 Cab#2 9
2N3507 NPN Xistor Moto TO-39 Cab#14 2 
2N3608 P-Ch FET 25V ó7mA Philco ÷400ê 4-P TO-5 Cab#14 3
2N3613 PNP, Ge 30V/3A Moto TO-3 Cab#14 1
2N3635 PNP Xistor 140V/0.1A 100/300@50mA 200MHz TO-5 Cab#4 sold
2N3636 PNP Xistor Moto TO-3 Cab#14 2
2N3638 PNP Xistor 25V/0.3A Fairch TO-105 Cab#3 4
2N3638 PNP Xistor 25V/0.34A 100MHz Fairch Rnd Plstc~TO-5 Cab#4 ?
2N3639 PNP Xistor 6V 10mA 500MHz 30/120B FastSw Rnd Plstc Cab#9 18
2N3640 PNP Xistor 12V 30/120@.01A 300MHz Sh Lds T)-92 Cab#4 260 
2N3641 NPN Xistor 30V/0.5A Fast Sw Rnd Plastic Cab#2 5
2N3642 NPN Xistor 45V/0.15A RF 'C' Ampl Cab#14 1 ?
2N3643 NPN Xistor 30V 100/300@0.15A 250MHz Fair.Rnd Plstc Cab#8 17 *
2N3645 PNP Xistor 60V/0.05A Switch Plstc TO-5 Cab#14 10
2N3686A N-Ch FET 50V Vp=1.8V <1.2mA 4-P TO-18 Cab#7 ~44
2N3700/JTX NPN? CRP TO-18 Cab#12 3
2N3702 PNP Xistor 25V/50mA 60/300@50mA Tex Instr TO-92 Cab#3 50
2N3713 NPN Xistor 60V/4A 25/90á@1A/2V 150W Fairch TO-3 Cab#14 5
2N3715 NPN Xistor 60V/3A Moto TO-3 Cab#14 2
2N3716 NPN Xistor 80V/5A Moto (See excess Stock) TO-3 Cab#14 11+
2N3724 NPN Xistor 30V/0.8A Fast Sw 300MHz Natl TO-39 Cab#5 1
2N3740 PNP Xistor 60V 30/100@.25A 4MHz Fairch TO-66 Cab#6 ~100
2N3740 PNP Xistor 60V/4A F, Moto, Transitron TO-66 Cab#14 11
2N3743 PNP Xistor 300V/.02A TO-39 Cab#3 3
2N3743 PNP Xistor 300V Moto TO-5 Cab#3 4
2N3749 NPN Xistor 80V/5A 40/120B@1A JTX Transitron? Stud Cab#13 7
2N375 PNP, Ge TO-3 Cab#14 3
2N3765 PNP Xistor ? Moto TO-46 Cab#14 1
2N3765 PNP Xistor 60V/0.5A Moto TO-46 Cab#14 3
2N3767 NPN 80V/2.5A 40/160B@0.5A Moto TO-66 Cab#13 3
2N3771 NPN Xistor 40V/15A Fairch TO-3 ?
2N3772 NPN Xistor 60V/10A 15/60á@?A 1.4Vs Moto 500mJ TO-3 ?
2N3773 NPN Xistor 140V/8A RCA TO-3 ?
2N3811 NPN Dual JTX Nat'l 6P TO-5 Cab#14 16
2N3844 NPN Xistor 30V NF=10.2db Sprague 90MHz ECB TO-98 Cab#8 ~100
2N3844A NPN Xistor 30V NF= 8.5db Sprague 90MHz 150nS TO-98 Cab#8 11
2N3845 NPN Xistor 30V/10mA 126MHz Sprague 150nS ECB TO-98 Cab#8 ~75
2N3866 NPN Xistor 30V/0.1A JAN/TX 800MHz Moto TO-39 Cab#5 2
2N3868 PNP Xistor 60V/3A Transitron TO-5 Cab#1 2
2N3902 PNP Xistor 400V/2A Delco TO-3 Cab#14 1
2N3904 NPN Xistor 40V/0.2A 300MHz Moto TO-92 Cab#5 6
2N3905 PNP Xistor 40V/0.2A 50/150@.01A, 200MHz Cab#1 17
2N3906 PNP Xistor 40V/0.2A 250MHz TO-92 Cab#3 2
2N3906 PNP Xistor 40V/.05A Natl TO-w Cab#1 14
2N3906 PNP Xistor F TO-92 Cab#14 4
2N3996JAN NPN 80V 5A 40MHz Ton÷.3uS Toff÷1.5uS Stud Cab#13 3
2N3997 NPN Xistor 80V/1A Unitrode/TI? Insul Stud TO-60? Cab#14 25
* Rev Date: 08/26/12

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