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Calling Former Subscribers!

I need you to contact me with your current address so that I can refund you your old account balance. Alternatively, you can inform me if you'd like the funds distributed among the artists or otherwise directed.

The same e-mail address that's been in the covers of Gallery still works. But the street address has changed, see below..

Buy Back Issues!

All Sold out. Contact Ed Zolna at Second Ed for the last remaining copies.


End of Publication. (2/16/05)

Well, I announced in #50 that I would be taking a break from publishing while I tried to straighten out my personal job situation. Unfortunately, this has not gone well. With the virtual collapse of 'zines as a medium within the fandom, a dearth of new artists who want to work in black and white, and a dwindling number of subscribers, except the most loyal of you, it's time to wrap it up.

The problem of course is that since Gallery was a "zero-sum" arrangement, the back-issue inventory represents cash that isn't in the bank. To completely cash it out, I need to sell them, or pay for them out of my pocket, with is distressingly empty in my current situation.

Some subscribers have expressed a desire to let me keep the remnants of their subscriptions, others would like to split it up among the artists, while others are saying "Where the hell's my check?!" I need to do a mailing to formalize the choices, and I need to do it soon.

Please, order back issues!

Gallery #50 Ships. (4/21/04)

Possibly, but not definitely the last issue. I'll be deciding later in the year.My personal situation has forced me to put it on Hiatus.

Gallery Yahoo Group (1/15/04)

Dave Morris, with my approval, has created a Yahoo Group for discussion of Gallery, for the Artists and subscribers. And yes, I've already joined it.

It can be found at:

Also, work is continuing on #50. An unbelievable number of really, really late contributions has pushed this one way back. Note the changed deadline for #51
The Essential Stuff:

Gallery Index enriched with Cover Shots

Wanna see them all in one spot? Caution! Almost 800K in graphics. (Updated 4/26/04 )

Gallery Has a New Address! (4/7/98) (Revised 1/1/06)

Richard Chandler/Gallery
1416 85th Dr NE
Lake Stevens, WA 98258


Wanna see how Gallery #37 went together?

(Cover Image (c) 2000 Mike Raabe, Unauthorized reproduction or redistribution prohibited).

Here's a little photo story about it. If you publish a 'zine yourself, this might be educational. I can tell you the more primitive ways I used to do this if you don't want to sink the effort into tooling. Caution, it WILL take a while to load. Binding Gallery.

Email: r chandler at kendra dot com

Other stuff:

The Sketchbook Etiquette File. An important reference for people who carry around those black Sketchbooks at conventions for artists to draw in. Updated 7/29/02.

Team Mauser Combat Robotics if you're interested in my Superheavyweight BattleBot, Strike Terror.

My actual "home" page for people who are interested in me personally for some bizarre reason. This includes links to my photos and my projects.